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Hello, good to see you!

Take your time to get to know us.

We believe in making people's lives better.

Better quality of life begins with most basic things, like breathing.


Every breath you take...

Admit it.

You've just sang it in your head.

We want you to breathe and sing out loud.

Everywhere. Every day.


Modern life 

keeps us indoors.

 At the office, on a commute to and from work. In the car. At school. In a restaurant. In a movie theatre. 

Most of these places are using recycled air.

Whether you want it or not - you share air with other people every day. 

Densely Populated Neighborhood

Nature has the answer

People love technology. It makes our lives easier. So when the new challenge comes, everyone turns to technology.

We turned to Mother Nature.

Native people of Australia have used natural remedies long before even the first air conditioning unit was invented.

Captain James Cook saw native Australians brewing leaves of a tree in hot water and drinking it, and he called it... "Tea Tree".

Since then beneficial qualities of Tea Tree Oil has been well documented and there are ongoing studies by scientists all over the globe proving that it's a natural pathogen suppressant.

We came up with an efficient, safe, renewable green product long before "going green" became a fad. 

40 years ago we put together our expertise in engineering, HVAC industry and 1000+ years of native knowledge in natural remedies 

to make people's lives better.

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