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How Germxit® works

Through a simple process of natural evaporation: when you open the pack it begins to evaporate. You will instantly feel the fresh, natural scent of Tea Tree Forest (Pure Melaleuca Alternifolia oil)  or Exotic Citrus (a mix of Melaleuca and Leptospermum Petersonii tree essential oils).

Germxit gel pack

When the gel evaporates, only water and TTO are released: water particles carry with them particles of Tea Tree Oil that will follow the airflow inside the area. It means that 99% of all indoor area is covered. 

The gel will evaporate even if there is no airflow, just as water would evaporate from an open glass.

Gel consists of water, Tea Tree Oil and a tiny amount of binding polymers that stay in the tray, while water and TTO evaporate. Each miniature particle of water carries inside a golden drop of TTO, as tiny as 3 human hairs (0.3 micron).

Particles of this size can penetrate even HEPA and ULPA grade filters. Tea Tree Oil effects everything it comes in contact with - floating in the air or dwelling on surfaces.

Effectively it covers 95-99% of all indoor area, provided there is a source of airflow. 


tea tree oil water mix
tea tree oil bacteria

When a particle of TTO comes in contact with a pathogen, such as bacteria, mould spore or a virus, it 

  1. Encapsulates it 

  2. Stops pathogens breathing cycle

  3. Disrupts the outer membrane, exposing the vulnerable inner structure of the pathogen

  4. The pathogen is deactivated

Concentration & Area size

Because the particle size is so small and contents of Tea Tree Oil is 9% they easily spread around all indoor area and penetrate even into smallest nooks and crannies. Since TTO is not delivered in form of a liquid, but as a very fine aerosol in a safe concentration, it works on pathogens with minimal risks of affecting humans (aprroximately 1 in 100,000.)

At the same time you would need a sufficient amount of gel to be effective in each area you use it in. 

tea tree oil gel forest 200g




Up to 3 sq.m.

tea tree oil gel lemon 500g


E-Vap pack


Up to 25 sq.m.

tea tree oil gel forest 1kg.


E-Vap pack


Up to 50 sq.m.

tea tree oil gel 4kg.


AHU pack


Up to 250 sq.m.



What is it: Hospital grade antibacterial surface disinfectant.

Uses similar formulation as the gel, but with optimised Tea Tree Oil content to be used on surfaces. 

Active ingredient: Pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil 5%.  

What it does: kills bacteria on surfaces.

Helps with: removes source of unpleasant smells caused by bacteria, clogging of drainage pipes, pet smells, musty smells etc.

Where to use:

  • Air-conditioning unit cooling coils

  • Air-conditioning unit filters

  • Bathroom walls/ceiling 

  • Drainage pipes to remove smells and clogging

  • Waste storage area surfaces

  • Pet toilets etc.

Since it doesn't contain synthetic active ingredients, it's preferable that Germxit® Liquid is not wiped right after spraying. In fact if you leave it on, the effect will last for 5-6 days.

We do not recommend to use it on floors or cloth/upholstery. Since it contains Tea Tree Oil surfaces might get slippery and it would leave stains on the fabric.

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