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Carl Straub

It began in the late 1970s in Australia, where Carl Straub, a Master Toolmaker and HVAC engineer, was working in his family business, rebuilding industrial HVAC systems. 

HVAC chiller

Later he would start his own business in Tasmania, cleaning HVAC systems, which was expanded to the mainland, after Carl and his team cleaned every high-rise building on the island!

IAQ Marine
& Offshore

Australia and worldwide

Over 2 years period business was expanded to the marine industry - Carl and his team worked on cleaning almost 200 oil rigs all over the globe!


It was then, when Carl first developed a tea tree oil based product, that will eventually become GermXit!

People on the rigs were getting sick because of the pahogens transmitted through the HVAC system. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Carl turned to a natural remedy, well known to all Australians - Tea Tree Oil.

South-East Asia



At the turn of the XXI century Carl relocated to Thailand, effectively starting the Indoor Air Quality industry in South-Eastern Asia. Business expanded to Singapore and Malaysia, and Germxit was incorporated and introduced to commercial customers.

From 2011 GermXit production base is located in Bangkok, Thailand. GermXit team continues to further expand our product line, with ongoing R&D and rigorous product testing.

We dedicate ourselves to

making people's lives better.

That means your life as well.

With every breath you take.

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