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Where is Germxit® used?

Any indoor space - from living quarters on a vessel or an oil rig to a tent on a family trip. From large factories and office buildings to your car, your bedroom or  bathroom.

For more than 20 years Germxit® has been used in HVAC systems all over the world: 

  • Oil rigs/vessels

  • Factories

  • Commercial buildings

  • Schools/kindergartens

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Residential buildings/apartments

  • Cars/buses/taxis

Choose from Gel - for air and surface treatment or Liquid Germxit® - for sanitation of surfaces.

Bonus: it also works really well as a mosquito repellent. 

home air conditioner

Domestic air conditioners (split systems)

Does your A/C drip water? Air smells funny? It might be due to fungi and bacteria colonies growing on the cooling coils.  They form a sort of slime, that eventually clogs the condensate drainage pipe. 

Use Liquid Germxit® on cooling coils and filters (after cleaning them) of an AC unit to prevent clogging and unwanted odors. 

Tea Tree Oil stays on the coils for at least 1-2 weeks before it completely evaporates, so the effect is prolonged.

industrial HVAC system

Industrial HVAC systems

Regardless of type of HVAC system that is used, Germxit® Gel can be used to improve indoor environment just by placing it inside an AHU/FCU or at any point where air circulates. Amount of gel required per month depends on type of HVAC system and the location where you plan to place it. What makes Germxit® stand out is prolonged evaporation time that does not compromise efficiency.

Offshore Oil&Gas industry

Oil&Gas industry

For more than 20 years we have had the pleasure of having most major O&G companies as happy Germxit® customers, creating better environment on board of rigs and vessels, helping the crew get better rest and make their work just a little easier. Oh, and medic appreciated it too!

Air treatment for hotels and commercial real estate

Hospitality and commercial real estate

Your tenants, guests, and your staff will appreciate a better living and working environment that you create for them with Germxit® Gel and Liquid.

A subtle, yet noticeable change in air will definitely make their day better.

Also, Maintenance & Engineering section will spend less time cleaning AHUs and clogged A/C drains.

Air treatment for schools and hospitals

Schools & Hospitals

The ones who need care and protection the most should live, learn and being treated in a safe environment!

Schools and hospitals in Thailand and Singapore have trusted Germxit® to be a part of their care measures put in place long before the CoVid pandemic.

Convention halls and libraries

Convention halls and libraries

Wheter is a public gathering indoors or a quiet place where people come to concentrate, the need for better air quality is paramount.

Besides, books are as fragile as humans. Mold and fungi can damage or completely destroy them, Germxit® is there to protect!

And any other place where recirculated air is used.

Contact us to get qualified recommendations on how to make your indoor environment better!

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