Usage Guidelines & Instructions

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Installation Guide for Central Air Conditioning Systems

These instructions are for air conditioning systems with centrally located air handling units (AHU’s) using ductwork to direct the airflow into rooms and service areas.

GermXit® is easy to install without tools or special equipment in almost every type of ducted air conditioning system and air handling unit.

For most commercial or larger applications you will use one or more of the large blue or green dispenser boxes. These are plastic boxes with an opening that can be adjusted to vary the airflow over the GermXit® inside. Use one or more dispensers depending on the application. See photos.

Where to install the Dispenser Boxes

Choose a place in the system near inside air handling unit that is convenient for a technician to access. Dispenser Boxes should be placed – Inside the air return duct just behind the access grill cover on a flat surface. Make sure the opening of the box faces into the airflow.
At the plenum area of the AHU (air handling unit) where fresh air mixes with return air. This should be just before the cooling or heating coils.

Two photos of ideal location of the GermXit® Gel Dispenser Boxes – before the cooling coils and the open tops facing into the airflow.



For best results the opening of the box should toward the airflow. See diagram.

Special note: If the area you are treating has a particularly difficult problem with molds or fungi, problems with suspected microbial infections or a history of odors or history of reported respiratory discomfort by occupants, we highly recommend first washing the cooling coils and filters with Liquid GermXit® and then installing double the recommended amount of GermXit® Gel for the first 30 to 40 days.

After GermXit® has been in the system for the first time, you can cut back to a normal amount and keep to a regular replenishment schedule. The increased amount will be well below acceptable limits but will provide a necessary boost to bring a problem situation quickly under control.

Personal and installer cautionary note (this is particularly important if the servicing technician must fully enter an AHU enclosure)-

All care must be taken by managers, engineers and technicians or any person who is going inside a system to install or replenish GermXit®. These precautions are due to possible exposure to contamination present inside such systems and NOT because of the possible exposure to GermXit® Gel.

  1. Make sure power to the system is OFF
  2. Wear complete protective clothing that covers all exposed skin
  3. Wear full face cover and head gear
  4. Wear rubber gloves
  5. Tape off loose clothing so contamination cannot contact the skin
  6. It is advisable to shower washing with soap and water immediately after concluding work on the equipment
  7. Dispose of all clothing safely

While prolonged exposure of GermXit® to human skin is not recommended, GermXit® is entirely safe if you do get it on your skin. In fact tea tree oil has an antiseptic effect. It can be safely and easily washed off with soap and water.

How much GermXit® do I need each month?

How much GermXit® Gel do I need for our central air conditioning units? The chart below is a quick guide to help you estimate how much GermXit® Gel will cover the area you want to protect.

Approximate Filter Size Number of filters GermXit Gel
60 x 60 cm 24″ x 24″ 1 1kg. Pack
60 x 120 cm 24″ x 48″ 2 1.8kg. Pack
60 x 180 cm 24″ x 72″ 3 1.8kg. Pack
120 x 120 cm 48′ x 48″ 4 4kg. Pack
120 x 180 cm 28″ x 72″ 6 4-6 kg
180 x 180 cm 72″ x 72″ 12 2 x 4kg packs

Installation Guide for Areas Without Central Systems

GermXit® electric room units –

Many rooms, homes and offices are not cooled or heated with a central system. GermXit® has solutions for any area you want to protect with electric room units. These dispensers are a convenient and easy way to protect smaller areas or anywhere that is impractical to place GermXit® in a forced airflow.

The smallest battery powered unit uses a 200g refill and is perfect for bathrooms, hallways, closets or work areas up to approximately 10 square meters / 100 square feet.

The next size up holds either 500g or 1,000g GermXit® Gel refills designed for placement in rooms like bedrooms, small offices, studio apartments up to approximately 30 square meters / 300 square feet.


The largest unit uses a 2kg GermXit® Gel refill pack and is for large rooms and areas up to 200 square meters / 2,000 square feet.


Two or more electric room fan dispensers may be combined to cover an area. For example – Two of the largest units with 2kg GermXit® Gel refill packs can effectively cover an area of 300 to 400 square meters – 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. If the area is divided or broken into smaller areas place more dispensers where necessary.

Questions? – Email our customer service experts for advice on the best way to cover the area you wish to protect.

Select the right size GermXit® Gel fan unit and gel pack for the area you want to protect –

  1. Small rooms, bathrooms, electric room fans up to 10 square meters / 100 square feet – 200g jar or tray
  2. Wall or ceiling mounted AC units – 500g tray pack
  3. Bedrooms, studio apartments, hotel rooms, single offices up to 30 square meters / 300 square feet – 500g pack
  4. Larger offices, bedrooms, hotel suites, small apartments up to 100 square meters / 1,000 square feet – 1kg pack
  5. Small homes up to 3 or 4 bedrooms or office suites with ducted air systems up to 200 square meters / 2,000 square feet – 1kg or 2kg
  6. Large areas served by ducted central forced air conditioning units – 4kg per AHU up to 2.0 square meter filter size
  7. For larger areas refer to the chart below and select the amount of GermXit® Gel to use based on AHU filter size –

GermXit® Gel evaporation time –

In average areas and conditions with temperature ranging between 14 and 22C a properly sized gel pack will last about 30 to 45 days. Evaporation times vary for many reasons. The important thing to know is that even when the Gel is gone – the tea tree oil lingers for many days.

Factors that affect the length of time it takes for GermXit® to evaporate –

  • Average temperature of the area – colder temperatures tend to slow evaporation times
  • Average relative humidity – lower humidity will cause quicker evaporation.
  • Volume of airflow across the Gel dispensers. More and faster moving air will cause the Gel to evaporate more quickly.
  • Total volume of area covered by the GermXit® dispenser. It is important to select the proper size of refill for the area to be covered.
  • Type of materials in the area – walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings
  • Number of people frequenting the area

GermXit® Gel is exhausted and it is time to refill when you see a small amount of dark green rubbery material in the tray or Dispenser. This is all that remains after the tea tree oil is carried into the air. This residue is biodegradable and can be disposed of in regular trash.

Note that even though GermXit® Gel is gone from the tray – tea tree oil remains in the area for many days. For best and continued service we recommend refilling empty containers as soon as possible after the Gel is gone.

When first beginning use of GermXit® we recommend you monitor how quickly it is used up. Once you establish how it takes to evaporate in your area, you can set a regular replenishment schedule – this should be approximately every 30 to 45 days.

One big benefit of GermXit® Gel is that no matter the climate in the area where it is used the effects are the same. Microbes, molds, yeasts and fungi are all brought quickly under control. Real world and laboratory tests show in many cases bad microbes are gone in minutes or hours.

These charts show test results of GermXit® Gel against E. Coli bacteria and C. Albicans yeast infection over time – E. Coli was gone in under 6 hours and C. Albicans less than 24.

Download a PDF copy of GermXit® Usage Guidelines and Instructions here.