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The Emotion of Smell

The ability to smell things may be our most under appreciated sense and considered by many to be our most emotion evoking sense. We all know how a certain smell triggers an emotion or maybe the memory of a place you’ve been or a food you love. Marketers know this, sophisticated shopkeepers use scents to make people linger in their stores.

The Science of Smell

Multiple studies have been done about how the sense of smell works in all sorts of creatures, including human sense of smell but what to do about the causes of smells – particularly bad smells?  Chronic bad odors in indoor environments are a major issue for GermXit®. Dog smell or pet smells, cigarette smell or smoking odors, cooking odor, stale air come from an assortment of causes, whether bacteria, molds, burning or chemical. GermXit® works to eliminate the causes of these and other odors. When you use GermXit® with 100% pure Australian tea tree oil you are controlling bacteria, molds and fungi all of which are major causes of odors. Additionally GermXit® will decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the area.

Obviously general cleanliness and eliminating the large and visible sources of odors are important steps in odor control but to attack the causes you cannot see, you need help and GermXit® will be one of the best helpers you can have.

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