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Oil & Energy / Commercial Marine
Air Quality Solutions

Breathing bad air on the job? Workers getting sick?

Indoor air quality is a significant challenge on drilling rigs, floating storage and offloading vessels (FSOs) and other support ships.

Cleaning the HVAC system alone isn’t enough, because no amount of cleaning can remove every contaminant. And as soon as a system is cleaned, dirt and dust start to build up again which is a breeding ground for baterica, viruses, mold and fungi.

GermXit® is an organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly treatment that kills germs and makes your facility healthier.

The special properties of GermXit® keep contaminants out of the air. It’s safe, it’s natural and it works.

Benefits of GermXit®:

  • Cost savings
  • Better worker productivity
  • Less lost work time
  • Fewer medical evacuations
  • Reported reduction of respiratory illnesses onboard by up to 80%
  • GermXit® is very cost effective and evaporates slowly, normally lasting 30 – 45/60 days depending on environmental conditions
  • GermXit® is organic, biodegradable and enviornmentally friendly

With GermXit®, your payoff comes in happier, healthier, more productive workers.

GermXit® Usage Guidelines and Instructions here.