GermXitⓇ Gel – The Natural Air Purifier™: Why is this a Breakthrough for the Indoor Air Quality Industry?

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Why is GermXit® a breakthrough for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ?

“I am persuaded that no common air from without is so unwholesome as air within a closed room that has been often breathed and not changed.”Benjamin Franklin – was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

Benjamin Franklin knew it over 200 years ago – stale indoor air is not good to breathe. Since Ben’s time the quest to improve indoor air quality has bred an abundance of filters, treatments, machines, chemicals, processes and procedures.

Many work – and many of them work quite well – True HEPA and ULPA filters are the best on the market but even these don’t stop ultra fine particulate matter <0.3 nano meters. For more information click here

Various electronically enhanced filters, UVGI, ozone or Ionisers more do what they say and produce some positive results. Yet all have drawbacks and can be actually dangerous to human health. For example :

  • Ground level Ozone damages lung tissue in humans and pets. Therefore you should not be in any area when ozone machines are operating.
  • Ionisers give off Ozone as a by product.
  • UVGI machines can cause blindness, sunburn and need to be within centimetres from the bio contaminate to work.
  • In addition, they can also be expensive to operate and maintain.

For more information on these type of devices follow these links :

With this in mind, Mr. Staub believed that a more comprehensive environmentally friend contaminant reduction system was needed.

Ideally this system would :

  • Be easy to install and have little or no maintenance,
  • It would work all the time and not be subject to power outages or mechanical breakdown.
  • It would cover every point of an indoor air circulation system – including the AHU equipment, ductwork, grills and vents.
  • It would carry out into the air of the rooms and all areas the HVAC system serves, or where the Gel is placed.
  • It would also be 100% natural, renewable and completely safe for humans, pets, HVA equipment and the environment in general.
  • And most importantly it would control biological contaminants – a leading cause of Sick Building Syndrome – a.k.a. SBS.

Over 20 years ago, Mr. Carl Straub, the founder of IAQ Technologies saw this need and began the search for a solution. He understood early on in his career that existing HVAC cleaning practices and modern filtration methods were inadequate to keep indoor air clean and healthy all the time. Standard duct cleaning services clean the physical dirt without effectively removing biological contaminants. Ever more efficient filtration such as HEPA or ULPA only lead to less efficient air movement and single points of filtration only catch contaminants at the filter.

Bio Contaminant and Carbon Dioxide Reduction System – GermXit® The Natural Air Purifier™

From the very beginning Mr. Starubs pursuit for a solution has focused on “proof”. Does it work and can it be proven to work? With roots in Australia where the power of melaleuca oil or tea tree oil has long been known and accepted, it was natural for IAQ to look to it as a possible air quality solution. Everyone knew that tea tree oil killed germs when applied directly but the question and challenge was – could tea tree oil be put efficiently into the air and would it work in the air?

The Melaleuca alternifolia plant – also known as “tea tree”

Early tests showed that it did work and that melaleuca oil could be dispersed through the air. One of the first large scale commercial uses was in the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. IAQ continued experimenting and refining the original formulas and over the next 15 years did what no one else did – tested it and proved it in the lab as well as in the real world. IAQ Technologies Thailand initiated the practice of testing for bacteria and mould counts before and after placing GermXit®. Additionally IAQ Technologies commissioned independent laboratory tests to check and verify the effectiveness of GermXit®. The results were amazing.

GermXit® Works – and it is been Proven

What has come out of this is what IAQ Technologies of Australia has termed a Bio-Contaminant and Carbon Dioxide Reduction System – BCCDR System. 

GermXit® is the core of the system. The active ingredients are all organic, biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly as the come from renewal sources in Australia. It is completely safe to use around humans and pets and requires no electricity to work.

Through years of testing by IAQ and hundreds of other independent tests, Melaleuca Alternifolia oil has proven time after time that it is effective in controlling a wide range of microbial contaminants and is even effective against dangerous mould and bacteria such as MRSA and Candida Auris.

GermXit® is registered with the Thai FDA and is classified to non harmful to humans. Registration number 29/2559

The tests performed by a leading universities have shown :

  • Reduce bacteria levels by 95%
  • Reduce mould levels by up to 75%
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide levels by up to 50%
  • Not only does GermXit® reduce airborne bacteria and mould it also reduces surface contamination too.

Extracts from these reports are available on our website.

What is Next for the IAQ Industry?

The indoor air quality industry exists to solve the problem Benjamin Franklin recognized over 200 years ago – how to make the air we breathe indoors healthier? Until now the focus has been on solutions deployed at single points in a system – GermXit® now shifts that focus to encompass the entire volume of the area.

Building and facility owners and managers need to look at the old technologies and question, “Is this the right approach? Is it the only approach? Or is there more that I can do for my own health as well as for the people who work and live in the buildings I care for?”

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