How good is the air you breathe?: Indoor air - not always what you think it is

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Indoor air – is not always as clean as you think it is

What is it that all human beings start doing when smacked on the bottom by the doctor the moment they are born and don’t stop until we die? We all breathe. For most of our lives, we can choose what and when we eat and we can choose what we drink. We can skip a meal for better, healthier food and we can usually get clean water or a cool fresh drink instead of something polluted or unhealthy. The one thing we cannot do is choose not to breathe – at least not for very long.

Where do your spend most of your time?

And, where do we do most of our breathing everyday? Indoors, in our house, at work or in our cars. Various studies place our indoor time in the 70 to 90% range. So, if we spend most of our time indoors, and we cannot choose when we breathe, how can we control what we breathe?

The sad facts are that most indoor air is not all that clean. It can be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoors. It may be cooled, it may be perfumed to smell nice but it can still carry microbes and germs that will make you sick.

A few things you can do

In your home you can

  • Make sure air conditioning filters, cooling coils and fan units are clean and they are draining condensation water effectively to the outside – clean ductwork regularly if your system has it
  • Don’t smoke indoors and if you must, make sure the room is well ventilated with outdoor air
  • Open your house to outdoor air – our tendency if we have air conditioning is to forget to let the fresh air in – so evenings and on cooler days, let some of the outdoors in
  • Be careful with gas burners, engine exhaust and other sources of carbon monoxide

At work

Sick building syndrome is described as when building occupants complain of various respiratory ailments and problems. Globally up to 30% of all buildings may suffer sick building syndrome.

If you experience health problems where you work and you think they may be related to the buildings you work in, you should make sure your manager knows about your concerns. Especially if any of your colleagues have similar complaints.

You can reduce your chances of getting sick from germs in the air and on surfaces in your home and office. GermXit® Gel in your home, office or car, effectively removes bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and makes your indoors cleaner and healthier.

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