How Does GermXit® Actually Work?

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Most indoor air is not that good for you

Tea tree oil is great stuff, it controls all kinds of bad things in the air and on indoor surfaces – GermXit® Gel uses tea tree oil to do its job but how exactly does all that happen? It is very simple actually and here we will try to explain how GermXit® makes your air better.

GermXit® Gel is a suspension of tea tree oil in water. We use a mixture of polymers to keep the oil from separating from the water and staying as a gel. The mix has the consistency of pudding or mayonnaise.

So exactly what is going on when it’s working?

In the simplest passive situation, when the gel is exposed to air, the water in the suspension evaporates carrying the tea tree oil into the air and circulates naturally throughout the area. The gel can also be placed in an active airflow – like an air conditioner or a room fan or placed inside the air handling unit (AHU) of a central cooling or heating system.

These “forced” air systems encourage faster evaporation and circulates the tea tree oil and water vapor more quickly.

Under most conditions, within hours the tea tree oil has spread through the air and on surfaces and is doing its job controlling germs, yeasts, molds, fungi, bacteria and even viruses – and in turn odors, insects and other pests.

And the bottom line is?

A very simple system really – we figured out a way to make water and oil stay mixed so that as the water evaporates tea tree oil goes into the air with it. Air circulation – either naturally or with the help of a fan – makes the tea tree oil go everywhere it is wanted. Indoor air and indoor areas become much healthier places to live and breathe.

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All the best air you can breathe from – GermXit®

This is one of our big GermXit® Gel dispensers for commercial use – the same principle applies to any size – air causes evaporation and tea tree oil is carried into the air