HEPA & ULPA Filters in Air Purifiers: HEPA & ULPA Filters in Air Purifiers

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1 November 2017 - 9:50,

Theoretical HEPA Efficiency vs. Actual System Efficiency

Due to the high efficiency, reliability and proven track-record, HEPA technology has become the industry standard for particulate filtration in environments such as semi-conductor clean rooms and hospital operating rooms. Recognizing the great marketing potential of the term “HEPA”, today many air purifier manufacturers are using it to project a high- performance image onto their room air purifiers.

What most HEPA-based air purifiers manufacturers conveniently omit to tell the consumer, is that their air purifiers provide nowhere near the performance level of professional HEPA filter systems used in hospitals and clean rooms. Often consumers are misled about an air purifier’s efficiency in removing pollutants. Statements like “effectively removes 99% of all airborne allergens” or “efficiently scrubs the room free of air pollutants” lead consumers to believe that these air purifiers remove virtually all of the impurities from the air in a normal indoor environment. But they don’t!

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