Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI): Taking pills may fight infection but preventing the infection in the first place should be the priority.

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They have various titles. Health Care Acquired Infection, HAI, Superbugs, Nosocomial Infections. Whatever you call them, they are a major problem in the world today and kill thousands of people annually.

Bacteria and fungi are becoming immune to the drugs that are currently on offer. Drug companies are scrambling to make more with little success, but taking a pill shouldn’t be the first step we take.

It is widely thought that the misuse of antibiotics is a major contributor in the growth of Superbugs like MRSA and Candida Auris.

Prevention is the better strategy and GermXit® can assist. It’s organic, biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly. as it comes from renewable sources in Australia.

Watch our short presentation to learn more about GermXit® by clicking this link Germxit Presentation – HAI 21.05.2018