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Download – Case Studies, Product User Guides, Laboratory Studies, Tea Tree Oil Papers and more

There are 24 files, weighing 20.4 MiB with 27,884 hits in total.

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» 356.1 KiB - 1,829 hits - 12/16/2008
Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) Opinion on Tea Tree Oil - 16 December 2008 - Unbiased and detailed report on the uses, safety and efficacy of tea tree oil.

  GermXit brochure TH_EnSM
» 1.3 MiB - 1,063 hits - 02/09/2016
PDF version of the GermXit/IAQ Technologies brochure in both English and Thai language.

» 472.7 KiB - 1,425 hits - 09/17/2015
GermXit and IAQ brief review of existing indoor air quality solutions and a proposal for a new future dynamic.

» 178.2 KiB - 1,096 hits - 08/05/2016
FDA certificate GermXit

  How Does GermXit Work?
» 139.3 KiB - 1,408 hits - 01/12/2016
Description in Thai and English of how GermXit works to clean the air of germs, molds and eliminate the causes of odors indoors.

  IAQ Technologies - GermXit Presentation
» 1.3 MiB - 1,421 hits - 02/12/2016
Outline presentation explaining the IAQ Technologies duct cleaning processes and how GermXit works in air handling systems.

» 1.7 MiB - 988 hits - 08/05/2016
Before and after report of ventilation cleaning on oil rig.

» 115.2 KiB - 1,712 hits - 09/02/2015
Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS for GermXit Gel. Details of safety notices and precautions about GermXit Gel. What to do and how to handle in case of a spill or other emergency.

» 829.7 KiB - 1,182 hits - 09/02/2015
Retail price list with pictures and descriptions in Thai and English of GermXit consumer product range. ภาษาไทย

» 2.0 MiB - 1,017 hits - 09/02/2015
Informative paper about the tea tree oil industry, as well as coverage of facts, uses, misconceptions and myths surrounding tea tree oil. Produced and published by Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation of Australia - RIRDC and made available by the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association - ATTIA

Case Studies

» 1.1 MiB - 1,750 hits - 08/25/2015
Case study of deployment of GermXit Gel in AHU units in the Melbourne Convention Center

» 1.1 MiB - 1,120 hits - 09/02/2015
Case study of the first large scale use of airborne tea tree oil deployed by GermXit Gel in commercial HVAC systems. Molds and bacteria were reduced throughout the system by huge amounts.

» 1.3 MiB - 1,413 hits - 09/02/2015
Use of GermXit Gel on board The Spirit of Tasmania, a large passenger ferry cruise ship. Odors and on board health complaints were greatly reduced due to use of airborne tea tree oil deployed by GermXit.

» 386.1 KiB - 1,112 hits - 08/15/2015
Summary of evaluation tests conducted by Mahidol University of GermXit simulating real world conditions.

» 2.3 MiB - 1,161 hits - 09/02/2015
Case Study of the use of airborne tea tree oil in smoke remediation after a small house fire in Bangkok. GermXit Gel eliminated smoke odors in the air and in furnishings within hours after the fire.

» 563.5 KiB - 969 hits - 09/02/2015
Review of the Monash University study done on the effects of airborne tea tree oil released by GermXit Gel into a model HVAC system on bacteria and fungi. The first ever study confirming the effectiveness of the deployment of tea tree oil in this manner.

» 898.8 KiB - 1,103 hits - 09/02/2015
Case study of the use of GermXit Gel in the HVAC system to improve on board indoor air quality resulting in the reduction of respiratory health problems by over 80%. Airborne tea tree oil used as an antimicrobial agent to clean the air in living quarters and indoor work areas.

» 905.1 KiB - 1,096 hits - 09/02/2015
Case study of the use of GermXit Gel on an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand. Improved indoor air quality through the use of airborne tea tree oil in the HVAC system.

» 654.2 KiB - 989 hits - 09/18/2015
Case study summary of two air quality assessments conducted in Singapore on a Coast Guard vessel and a mass transit station. Carbon dioxide was significantly reduced by introduction of GermXit

Product Manuals

» 1.4 MiB - 1,179 hits - 08/24/2015
Operation instructions for the plug-in electric room dispensers - English Language


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