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GermXit® family of products – dispenser/evaporator units, various gel pack sizes, spray treatment and bulk sales

Our product, GermXit® Gel has been around for over 16 years. First developed for use in commercial HVAC systems in Australia. GermXit® came to Thailand in 1999 where it has undergone continual refinements and adjustments to the formula and how and where it is used but sales continued to be primarily to commercial users.

Testing, Documentation and Proof

The single thing which has stood GermXit® apart from competitors in air purification is documentation – testing and verification. From the beginning, GermXit® has tested the product in major universities, tested it over and over on the job and recently – in a test designed to simulate real world conditions and conducted by a major university, GermXit® has shown that it is effective in killing bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in treated areas both in the air and on surfaces and that the effect increases over time. This means that simply placing GermXit® in a room reduces bacteria and molds on every surface in the room by as much as 90%! It also reduces bacteria and molds in the air you breathe by 80% or more! Think about what this means – fewer colds, fewer respiratory issues, fewer odors – cleaner and healthier.

A New Company

Just over 3 years ago, GermXit Co Ltd was formed as an independent company to further develop GermXit® as a brand, to expand and continue R&D of the product and to design and market a full line of consumer products in addition to the commercial side. We are now entering the market with a full line up of GermXit® brand products for home, office and shop as well as new innovations for the commercial HVAC markets, marine and offshore oil and energy industry.

The air purification industry is full of products and methods, some work better than others. Many do not work at all and some may even do more harm than good. Tea tree oil is a proven bio agent, it is all natural, biodegradable, come from renewable sources and it works to make the air we breathe indoors cleaner and healthier.

Distributor Network Growing

Our distributor network is beginning to grow and we have a number of valued partners already on board, however there are still opportunities around the globe available. If you would like to know more about becoming a distributor of GermXit® brand products in your area, please contact us via email by Clicking Here or telephone +66(0)2 735 6823-5 and ask to speak with either Mr. Carl Staub or Mr. Jim Bottomley.