Tea Tree Oil in the Air

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How does GermXit® find the bad microbes?

Over the years most studies done on tea tree oil and its effectiveness at controlling bad microbes have been done by applying the tea tree oil directly to the microbe the experimenters wanted to study. A drop or a smear of oil is put right on the bacteria or mold or whatever. This is an oversimplification of laboratory procedure but, you get the idea.

Airborne Tea Tree Oil

GermXit® Gel, however does its work in the air (see this video) – so the question comes up – “Yeah, well we know it works when you dab oil right on the bad stuff but how about when the tea tree oil is airborne and has to go out and find the microbes all by itself?” We know of two studies and a third being conducted right now that seek to answer this very question.

Studies about Tea Tree Oil in the Air

Early on a study was done on GermXit® tea tree oil gel at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Monash is one of the worlds leading research universities. In the study tea tree oil was placed in a model air conditioning system and dispersed by evaporation. Results showed that tea tree eliminated E. coli bacteria as well as C. albicans fungus. Both cause serious infection in humans. The full report on the study and our case study summation are linked here and here.

The second study, also conducted by a renowned Australian university – Griffith University in Queensland showed how airborne tea tree oil is effective against influenza virus as an airborne vapor. An earlier study at Griffith had found that tea tree oil was effective in the inactivation of fungal spores on air filters similar to those used in HVAC systems. The researchers then asked, can tea tree oil work when it is dispersed in the air as a vapor? A second study was done and the answer was a resounding, yes. The virus was completely inactivated and it was concluded that adding airborne tea tree oil to HVAC systems could significantly improve air quality. How does GermXit® actually work? Check out this short little video.

We understand a third study is now under way. We will pass along the results as soon as they are available. NOTE- results of the third study are in click here.

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