Oil & Energy / Commercial Marine

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Oil & Energy / Commercial Marine

Product description- Commercial AHU dispenser box for placement inside large air handling units in ducted ventilation systems. Holds up to 4kg of GermXit® Gel, either lemon or original scent. May be used in multiples to cover the largest areas.

Product description- 20 kg refill drum. For commercial and large are refills of the 4kg AHU dispensers. Available with GermXit® Gel in either lemon or regular scent.

Product description- liquid GermXit® is a convenient spray for use inside air conditioning units on coils and other surfaces where contaminants collect. Used also in commercial air handling units – AHU’s – to eliminate microbes that collect there.


Check out the GermXitⓇ Home & Office products for use in break rooms, restrooms, utility areas, anywhere central ventilation systems do not reach effectively.