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Client Testimonial

  • When we first moved into the new building everyone got sick with colds and flu. We cleaned the air conditioners and installed Germxit and notice illness reduced over the following months. We also had a problem with allot of mosquitoes in the office and Germxit got rid of thoses too. It seems mosquitoes don't like tea tree oil, which was a bonus for us. Thanks Germxit !

  • “...we found that the number of illnesses dropped by around 80%. Further the nasty smells that dominated disappeared. I would highly recommend Germxit to anyone”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “We added GermXit™ to a 2nd rig and ... we could see an immediate effect.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “Under the conditions of the experiment, GermXit™ gel had a measurable biocidal effect on E.coli and C.albicans”
    university lab report

  • “The study has demonstrated that GermXit™ gel has the potential to be a useful decontamination agent in HVAC duct systems”
    university lab report

  • “There has been an apparent decrease in coughs, colds, etc. ...the decrease in these ailments in such a closed environment of a ship is testament to the overall effectiveness of your process.”
    ships captain

  • “There is no doubt the product GermXit™ has not only improved the air quality throughout the living facility it continues to neutralize and disperse all Bacteria, Fungi, etc. from the system.”
    drilling rig manager

  • “I have used GermXit ever since the system was first installed and will continue to do so.”
    drilling rig manager

For instructions how to use the free sample test jars – click here

Product Guide – Electric Plug-in Dispensers

GermXit® we can provide you with efficient, easy to use dispensers for any sized room or area. This guide will help you get the most out of your GermXit® brand dispenser. Please read carefully.

Covered in this User Guide are the Single Fan and Dual Fan models, RBOXD-1FB, RBOXD-1FW, RBOXD-2FB and RBOXD-2FW. Either model is available in Black or White finish.

GermXitDispBox_640_480In the box – dispenser, keys
Note: GermXit® Gel ­ is not
included and must be purchased separately.




Before Use:GermXitDispMU1_640_480

1. Open the rear cover with the key, check for damage and make sure there is nothing inside. Please contact our office immediately if you find anything wrong.

2. Slide the GermXit​® ​Gel tray​ out of its cardboard sleeve and remove the foil bag from the tray, cut one corner and empty the contents of the bag into the tray, carefully squeeze all gel into the tray. Dispose of the bag properly. (Alternatively leave the foil bag in place and use a sharp knife to cut and roll back the top of the bag.) Cut open the vent slots on top of the cardboard sleeve, follow the perforations. Then replace the tray back inside the sleeve. Place the tray with the Gel and the sleeve inside the dispenser, close the door and lock it.

3. Place the unit in the area you wish to cover. High on a shelf or out of the way in a corner where it will not be disturbed is best. Do not obstruct the air intake and outflow vents on the top.

4. Connect the power cord to a proper outlet (110V – 220V standard) and turn on the power switch. It will glow red. Adjust the fan speed to by turning the knob in the upper right corner of the unit. ​If the scent is too strong, dial the fan speed lower, if the scent is not noticeable, dial the speed higher.
TIP: If you are using GermXit​® ​Gel for the first time turn the fan on high for a few days to circulate the tea tree oil into the area. You can turn it down later after you feel the area is well covered.
NOTE: ​Dual fan models are designed to use 1.0 kg or 1.8 kg packs. Single fan models use 500 gm or 1.0 kg packs.



Troubleshooting Guide –
Problem – Fan(s) do not turn on

Look for…
1. Check that the power plug is not loose, or try another outlet
2. Double check the switch position – the light in the switch will glow red if the unit is receiving power when in the “on” (I) position.
3. Unplug the outlet, check the fuse socket on the front of the unit, if the fuse is broken, replace with AC 220 Volts size 2 Amp. As per original.

Unit specifications –
Power Input: AC 110 – 240 V. (For 110 V. 0.5 A. 55 W., 220 V. 0.5 A. 110 W.)
Power Output: DC 12 V. (Code: RBOXD-2FB, RBOXD-2FW= 500mA. 6 W.) DC 12 V. (Code: RBOXD-1FB, RBOXD-1FW=2 50mA. 3 W.)

It is our sincere wish that you enjoy the fresh, clean air that GermXit​® ​Gel will bring you, your family and friends. Should you have questions, comments or concerns please contact us via phone or email.

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You may download this User Guide in .pdf format at this link