Case Study – University laboratory test results – Proof that GermXit® really works!: Laboratory study of the effectiveness of tea tree oil gel against bacteria and fungi both in the air and on hard surfaces - July 2015

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Client Testimonial

  • When we first moved into the new building everyone got sick with colds and flu. We cleaned the air conditioners and installed Germxit and notice illness reduced over the following months. We also had a problem with allot of mosquitoes in the office and Germxit got rid of thoses too. It seems mosquitoes don't like tea tree oil, which was a bonus for us. Thanks Germxit !

  • “...we found that the number of illnesses dropped by around 80%. Further the nasty smells that dominated disappeared. I would highly recommend Germxit to anyone”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “We added GermXit™ to a 2nd rig and ... we could see an immediate effect.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “Under the conditions of the experiment, GermXit™ gel had a measurable biocidal effect on E.coli and C.albicans”
    university lab report

  • “The study has demonstrated that GermXit™ gel has the potential to be a useful decontamination agent in HVAC duct systems”
    university lab report

  • “There has been an apparent decrease in coughs, colds, etc. ...the decrease in these ailments in such a closed environment of a ship is testament to the overall effectiveness of your process.”
    ships captain

  • “There is no doubt the product GermXit™ has not only improved the air quality throughout the living facility it continues to neutralize and disperse all Bacteria, Fungi, etc. from the system.”
    drilling rig manager

  • “I have used GermXit ever since the system was first installed and will continue to do so.”
    drilling rig manager

Laboratory study of the effectiveness of tea tree oil gel against bacteria and fungi both in the air and on hard surfaces – July 2015

unipicDescription – The tests in this study were conducted under near real world conditions. Tests were done in a normally open room with a common split system air conditioning unit as the main air circulation source. Standard GermXit® brand gel containing tea tree oil was placed near the air conditioning unit and allowed to evaporate as it would in normal use.
Test procedure – Bio cultures were taken at various locations around the room – on a table, on the floor, high and low. Samples of air in the room were also taken at the same times and cultures done of the sample air. Time intervals between sampling were at time 0h, 6h, 24h, 48h and again at 15 days.

Final results – The results are most impressive – between 89% and 95% reduction in bacteria on surfaces and between 81% and 90% reduction in the air only 24 hours after GermXit® Gel was introduced into the system. Effectiveness improved over time.

“The test demonstrates killing efficacy in the air and on surface[s]. The efficacy shows no significant difference in the – sampling location/culture plate placement location [within the room].”Mahidol University Final Report

Cultures of various fungi were also sampled at the same time intervals and results were equally impressive. Reductions in fungi were seen of more than 46% at 24 hours and increased to over 74% reductions at 15 days.

“Overall, using the volatile gel GermXit® does add value to maintain cleanliness and healthiness of the environment as proposed by the company.”Mahidol University Final Report

The report concluded that used as a passive indoor air quality treatment treatment, tea tree oil dispersed via evaporation of a volatile gel such as GermXit can be effective to significantly reduce bacteria and fungi both on surfaces and in the air of the treated areas. Further this effect and it penetration into the area increases over time.
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